Ste. Anne Catholic Church has initiated “online giving” for those who want to use a credit/debit card or a bank account in lieu of writing checks or using cash for Sunday envelopes or donations.  May God bless your generosity!


Step 1.  Browse to
     members.myeoffering.com and click “Register.”

Step 2.  Create your online account.  (Remember your password!)

Step 3.  Open the email they send you and click on that link to activate your account.  (In future, you’ll Sign In using only your email and password.)

Step 4.  Choose the church you want to donate to.  Search by city.  When you see the correct church(!!), click on that church name.  Add your Sunday envelope number, if you have one.

Step 5.  Next, add a “Wallet,” i.e., the account you’re donating from.  Give it a name, such as, “My Visa” or “My Checking.”  Enter your account information.

Step 6.  Now “Add an Offering.”  Follow the screen steps to specify how much you want to give, when, how often, and from which wallet to what parish fund.  Generally, everyone will give to the Sunday/Holyday fund in lieu of using your envelopes.  Then, repeat “Add an Offering” to give to other funds: fuel/heat, diocesan, etc.
Note: the fee associated with your donation will be shown.  You can either pay that fee yourself or let it be a cost to the parish.

Step 7.  Click “Next” and confirm your offering details.  When all is correct, click “Submit.”


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Ste. Anne Catholic Church is located on Mackinac Island in the Straits of Mackinac where the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan meet. We serve the community and visitors of Mackinac Island year 'round.

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Above photo courtesy of Andrejka.
Above photo courtesy of Andrejka.